Science Online Watch Party - London

February 2nd, 2013 - London - Watch three talks from the Science Online North Carolina conference with other UK science communicators.
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Science Online Watch Party London

imageScience Online is an annual conference where hundreds of scientists, science writers, educators, librarians, publishers and others gather to discuss the role of the web in science communication and (equally importantly) to meet others interested in the same topics.

This popular conference sells out rapidly, and many people are unable to attend. That is why this year scientists in several cities around the world – including London, UK - are holding Watch Parties, to watch some of the talks with their local community.

Date and Location of London Watch Party

The Science Online Watch Party will be held on February 2nd, from 5PM at Imperial College Union Cinema. We’re going to watch a few of the sessions from the Science Online conference and have our own discussions around this.

Broadcast sessions 

We will be watching the following session live (at 7:30 PM). That means we can also join in on live Twitter conversation, and potentially get a question in.

“Life in the Venn – What happens when you’re forced to wear too many hats” (by Mireya Mayor and Ed Yong)

We’ll watch one other session before that, and if time allows, a third one afterward.

Attendees to the Watch Party will be able to offer their input on which session (of the ones available) they want to watch.


Of course there will be time to mingle and chat with others. Since the actual conference is still ongoing while we’re holding our watch party, we’ll also try to get a live connection going so you can chat with some of the attendees.

The Turing exhibit is still on at the Science Museum, which is close to our Watch Party. If you have time in the afternoon and would like to go there, we can arrange for a group to go together.


Please register here for the Watch Party so we know who is coming, and we can contact you with details closer to the event. Registration costs cover the cost of the Watch Party license and the A/V costs of the venue.


Science Online Watch Party London is organised by Erika Cule (@erikacule) and Eva Amsen (@easternblot)  

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